An Unexpected Spiritual Day

Ever have one of those days?

No, I don’t mean the day when the alarm clock fails to go off, you burn your toast, get a speeding ticket on the way in to work, and then get the stinkeye from your boss when you get there.

Don’t even get me started on the afternoon.

No, I’m talking about an unexpected spiritual day.

I mean a day when you find a spiritually significant surprise as soon as you leave the house. A day where you go out to lunch by yourself and really enjoy it. While there, you feel as though a higher being is trying to speak to you.

The conversation continues as you head out to your car to run an errand. You laugh. You smile.You realize what your perfect Burlesque stage name would be – and it cracks you up.

While en route to the errand, you see an eagle. A bald eagle, specifically, circling with another bird; presumably also an eagle. As you were driving at the time you really didn’t have opportunity to check out both birds for identifying markings.

You reach your destination and arrange for money to go into an investment account in the hopes that it will grow and provide the funds to buy your first home. Well, ok, not your first home. It will technically be your third home.

But it will be the first with only your name on the deed.

You do what makes you happy: write, draw, paint, dance, play music, sing, garden. Whatever it may be for you. For me, it’s writing (obviously.)

You work towards what your heart wants; towards what you want out of life for you.

No one else.

You grab a nap in the car. (Well, you do if you’re me.) That evening, you do one of your favorite things ever. If you’re me, that’s attend a live music performance. Doesn’t matter what kind of music. Seriously, so long as it’s not death metal – or anything else I personally would find equally depressing and/or disturbing – I’m a happy lady.

You come home, get yourself ready, and lay down in bed for your nightly meditation before drifting off to sleep.

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