Eight Legged Friends

Recently I dreamed, and there were spiders.

I know that’s a weird way to phrase it, but that’s what happened. It was as though my dream were on an Imax screen that I couldn’t see the edges of. There were large tan and brown spiders crawling over the screen. I don’t remember what the dream was about. The spiders made a bigger impression on me.

I was unharmed, by the way. The spiders did not notice me.

This dream is a good thing. It suggests that Spider is coming into my life as a spirit animal. As a spirit animal, Spider means I need to look within and seek to understand myself. Am I focused on where I want to be, or am I stuck in negativity? It’s time to use my creativity to create the world I want to have.

There is also the fact that spiders have eight legs, and some have eight eyes. The number eight is about many things, including balance, personal power, abundance, inner wisdom, giving and receiving, connection between spirit and matter, self-confidence, self-discipline, spiritual consciousness, and developing confidence to follow a vision.

The dream happened several weeks back, but it’s still relevant to my life today. I’m finding my footing, coming in to my spiritual depth, learning how to trust myself, and launching a business. I’m exploring personal, professional, and spiritual possibilities.

It’s thrilling, exhilarating, adventurous, terrifying, and nerve wracking, all at once.

It reminds me of when I used to sing with choirs. I’d be nervous and short tempered the day of a performance, and very nervous at showtime. The performance usually went well. And if we made a mistake in a song, well, we meant to do that. Seriously, that’s how the music was written. We’ve been practicing it that way for weeks.

The audience didn’t know any better. It’s live, you only get one shot. No one is perfect. Nine times out of ten, we absolutely nailed the next song.

After the show, I felt like I’d done something powerful and meaningful. I had faced that fear, sang high notes on pitch in its face, and walked away to the sound of applause.

Some people don’t believe in signs. I do. I kind of have to – they keep showing up in my life. Sometimes, they are impossible to ignore, like spiders hijacking a dream.

Are you seeing any signs in your life?

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