Life Advice from Baron Samedi

In Vodou, there is a being who is responsible for both guiding the souls who pass through the veil and ensuring that the souls on this side of the veil life their lives to the fullest. His name is Baron Samedi. One day, I was talking to one of my friends who can channel. I was telling her how my life had gotten to the point where I was frustrated and worn down by a job that had me working overnight four nights a week.

She told me the Baron had heard what I’d been saying, and that he wanted to speak to me. She channeled him. He gave me a bit of a verbal butt kicking. (In all fairness, I needed a little verbal butt kicking at the time.) In between that, he gave me a great deal of important life advice.

This is what he was kind enough to tell me:

If you don’t like something about your life, change it.

Be happy with what you have.

Start with what you want and work backwards to determine what you need to do to get there.

Ask for help. Take help if it is offered. (My note here: be sure the source is trustworthy!) Ask questions of your helpers.

Remember that you are the best you. No one else can be you.

You get to make the decisions.

Don’t worry what others think.

Live in today. Let go of the past. Don’t borrow trouble from the future.

Let stuff go.

Don’t worry. (He said this with particular emphasis, as this is something I personally need to focus on.)

You are changing habits. It will take time.

Change is growth. There will be growing pains.

Big changes don’t leave you unscathed.

Take your power back. Recognizing that you have power and that you are giving it away is the first step to taking it back.

Keep making positive changes. Keep up with it.

Imagine you are in a conversation with yourself, and the other you is playing the role of a good friend. How would the good friend version of you treat you? Would the good friend version of you treat you with compassion, or would they call you an idiot? Treat yourself with compassion.

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