Beltane 2018

Happy and Blessed Beltane to one and all! Beltane is a fertility holiday. It’s a time to honor the Green Man, or Cernunnos, a time to remember the fairy folk, and a time for Maypoles and dancing.

It’s also a time to celebrate Spring. To me, Spring means breaking new ground and moving forward. It means every year is another chance to start again. Every day is another chance to stop letting fear run your life.

I am making some progress with mindset changes, with moving forward, having confidence, and thinking of myself as competent (because of course, I am.) That means new beginnings. New light. New projects. New relationships.

Take a few minutes today to dance. Light a bonfire if you can. Think about the new beginnings in your life, and the lives that have come before you.

I will be talking with friends, enjoying nature, remembering the Green Man and the Fairies. I will think of how my life has changed since January, and of the changes yet to come.

There will be dancing in my future!

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