The Birds

I’ve been seeing a lot of birds lately. Random birds flying directly overhead while I’m out and about. Two bald eagles circling high over the road as I’m driving. Random birds flying across the hood of my car when at a stoplight or landing next to my car as I’m parking. A crow did that, just today.

As I was walking on a trail last week, a small bird on a post alongside the trail. As soon as I got even with it, it called at me. I stopped and looked at it. It made eye contact with me and called twice more before looking away and ruffling its feathers. At that point, I turned and walked away. If a bird is trying to make itself look bigger, I’m probably beginning to freak it out.

These are all individual birds, but seeing a flock of them can have meaning as well. The type of bird can also be important. Different birds symbolize different things. I could not figure out which type of bird it was that called at me that day on the trail. That’s all right. Not all birds are as easily recognizable as robins or bald eagles.

This variety of birds is interesting to me. Usually I see just one, and it’s recognizable – a hawk, or a bald eagle, or a blue jay, or a crow. These sightings though, these are eagles, crows, and probably some species of sparrow or wren.

The hood of my car was covered in bird droppings a few days ago. That doesn’t usually happen. That may seem like a poor omen to some, but not to me. To me, that means the Universe took another step to get me to notice the connection. The more birds that are around me, the more droppings there might be. It rains often enough out here in the PNW that it wasn’t a big deal. Wait a day or two, even less than that in the wintertime, and nature will wash your car for you.

In general, birds represent freedom, perspective, liberation, purpose, inner calling, spirituality, connection to nature, healing through sound, mystery, individualism, the natural world, higher plains, and finding your voice.

The past few days, I’ve started to look back at all the mindset work I’ve been doing and all the forward progress I’ve made towards determining what I want out of life. Then I look back at the work I’ve done towards those things. I’ve started a website, started a blog, learned how to go about doing the things I want to do, and started a business.

Even with the soiled car, these are still very good signs.

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