Stay the Course

When facing down any long-term goal, the kind that takes months to achieve, there are going to be doubts. There will be times when obstacles will appear, distractions rear their ugly heads, and new opportunities will tempt you.

If you’ve got a solid goal that is in line with your core values, and you’ve got a solid plan to achieve that goal, these times are a lot easier to tolerate. Your will to overcome or work around the obstacles will be strong. You will see the distractions as the unimportant time wasters that they are. New opportunities will be evaluated, and either ignored or put to the side until you finish the task at hand.

And even if you do all of that right, when you get near the very end of the task, just as you’re about to step out onto that ledge and fly, fear will whisper in your ear.

This is where I am at, right now. I am within two weeks of officially opening my life coaching business. I love that I will be able to use my natural intuitive gifts and ability to listen to help other people make long lasting positive changes in their lives as I have. It’s always a little frightening to step out and do something unique. It’s truly the best thing for me personally, and there is so much potential to help others as well.

And yet, fear whispers in my ear.

The signs from the Universe are there. I see birds all around me. Lately butterflies have also made appearances, as well as a rabbit and a spider. Birds symbolize freedom. Butterflies symbolize freedom and transformation for the better. Rabbits and spiders symbolize abundance, and spider also symbolizes creativity.

And yet, fear whispers in my ear.

My guides confirm I am on a good path. They remind me of balance, of keeping my priorities in line, of doing what I’m doing for the right reasons.

And yet, fear whispers in my ear.

Let it whisper. The signs from Source, the desire for change, the desire to make a positive difference in this world, the desire to live in accordance with my core values and beliefs, the desire to support myself and have a job that actually matters, that means something, that helps people – all of those things are singing like a chorus of birds at dawn.

They drown out the fear.

I take a deep breath. Raise my chin. Close my eyes. Extend my arms.

Step off the ledge. Feel the wind rushing around me.

If I fall, I fall – but I am done being afraid.

I will fly. It’s my time now.

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