Some Days You Change

That title doesn’t mean what you think it does. I’m not talking about changing yourself. I’m talking about changing the day.

If you’re divorced, your wedding anniversary can carry mixed feelings. After a divorce, that date is sort of like a vestigial structure, like your appendix. It was important at one time, but not anymore. What do you do with it? Ignore it? Can you? Should you?

Here’s what I do: I change the day. How? By changing what it stands for.

Since I’m no longer married, my wedding anniversary is no longer my wedding anniversary. I mean, that just makes logical sense. It could just be any other day on the calendar, but where’s the fun in that?

So what is it? It’s my adventure day.

Last year on my adventure day, I was coming home from the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. My ex dislikes folk music and hates crowds, but the VFMF is right up my alley. I love music, especially live music, and I don’t mind crowds. I had a ball. Last year at this time I was driving home singing along to bands I hadn’t heard of a few days prior, specifically Hillsburn and the Mae Trio.

This year I launched my life coaching program, the Clear, Confident, Connected program. I am embarking on a new career, a new chapter in my life. I have spent the past year learning how to be a life coach, and how to be a Reiki healer. I have become a Priestess, a reader and a channel. I have gone down so many paths that I would not have followed had I still been married and I love all of them. I have consciously become someone I never thought I would ever be – and it is pretty damn cool.

Have you ever wished you could reinvent yourself? I’m here to tell you that you can. I have. Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself and had no idea what you would want to become?  I’m here to tell you that you can figure that out. I did.

If I can change and reinvent myself into someone who is much more true to who I am at my core, how hard is it to reinvent a day?

On my now defunct wedding anniversary, I could be sad, I could feel out of place, or I can change the day. If it’s my day of adventure, the day I travel, or take new chances, there is no need to feel sad.

Do you have any days that need to change?

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