You Are in Charge of Your Self-Care

I’ve spoken before about speaking up for yourself, about stating what you want and need because no one else will know if you don’t tell them. I’ve also talked about keeping your power about you rather than throwing it away. Today I’m going to talk about a simple thing that we all hear, usually as a goodbye of sorts, but sometimes disregard:

“Take care of yourself.”

This is one that I sometimes struggle with. My current 9-5 job isn’t 9-5. It’s overnights, and that means sleeping during the day. During the summer, that can be difficult. And if you’d like to have a social life at all, you’re going to have to be up during your sleep period.

Doctor’s offices, government bureaucracies, specialty shops – none of them are open at 6am. Neither are most social events. Last weekend I overcommitted – without meaning to – and I’m still paying for it.

I know my schedule, but there was something that I wanted to attend after my workweek’s Friday. Then a friend asked for help. I didn’t want to turn her down. What she was doing was important, and I was honored to have been asked to help, so I agreed.

All of that meant that I awoke at 3:30pm on Friday and went back to bed at 8pm on Saturday. In case your math is bad, that’s a 28 ½ hour day.

Did I mention I’m still trying to catch up? I’m writing this knowing that as soon as it’s posted I have to nap because I have to work again tonight.

So please, seriously, I truly do mean it: take care of yourself. No one else will do it for you. This is another one of those things you can’t outsource. Eat well. Exercise. Rest when you’re tired.

I’m off for my nap.

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