About to Birth a New Life

Figuratively, I am in labor. I’m giving birth to the next stage of my life. Right now, I’m into the pushing stage. Labor has been long, arduous and excruciating, but so many great things are soon to happen.

I’m currently working a job I hate with people I like. I hurt my back on the job several months ago and I’ve been told it’s just too physically demanding. My body simply is no longer capable of performing the job.

I took the job knowing I would hate it. It is part time, overnights, physically demanding and it doesn’t pay much. Why did I take it?

This is a “foot in the door” kind of job. It’s permanent, and after a calendar year I can transfer elsewhere in the company. Physically, I am literally on my last legs. Chronologically, I just hit the one year mark.

Now I can transfer to the job I want, that is during the day, at a desk, in my chosen field, full time, and pays well. It took me one full year of literal and figurative year of labor to get to the birth of that.

While I was off work due to my injury, I learned how to structure an online business, how to advertise it, how to market it. I learned Usui Reiki one and two, Elemental Reiki, and Dragon Reiki. I became ordained as a pagan Priestess. I learned how to be a life coach and developed my own program to coach people. I launched the life coaching business last month. I put in several months of literal and figurative labor to learn and launch that.

With the help of my spiritual guides, I have also birthed a new me. Together we have worked spiritually to release old lessons, thought patterns, and habits that are no longer important or needed.

So I really am like a mother in labor, having nurtured and fed and grown both myself and the new life I’ll have from an idea to fully formed completion. Now it’s time to bring it forth into the world, hear it sing, and see its beauty.

It’s a wonderful but draining and excruciatingly painful moment to push a child into the world. I know, I’ve done it. You know you’re working on something so much bigger than yourself, something that will literally change the world, but all you can focus on is the moment you’re in right then and there. The pain of labor. The effort behind the push. It’s easy to get lost in the pain and the sheer enormity of the physical work you’re doing, but you can’t let yourself do that.

You have to breathe deeply. Focus on your goal, and work as hard as you can.

You don’t get to decide when it’s over. It will end at the new beginning – whenever that happens to be.

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