Trust Is Important

When two different people within 24 hours tell you that you need to trust that the movement you’ve made and the transformations you’ve been through are going to be enough, you probably ought to start trusting.

My speciality is transitions. It’s what I’ve done. I have evolved and changed and eventually reconnected with my deepest, truest self and found the path on which I was meant to walk – which is helping other women reconnect to themselves on their deepest, truest levels and help them locate their own paths. So when I find myself at a crossroads, and more than a little frazzled, I’ve begun to wonder if it isn’t at least partially by design.

I am responsible for the situation in which I find myself. I am an adult. It’s my life. But it is interesting that I finally realize the ultimate destination of the path that I’m on while simultaneously facing wholesale changes and a delayed result from some of the work I’ve done over the last 18 months. Well, that’s not necessarily true. The work I’ve done over the last 18 months is more foundational than groundbreaking. Strong foundations are necessary, but there is usually more to a house than a basement.

I really would like to step out of the basement. Even if I don’t, I know the house is located in the right spot, because I’m on the right path for me. I’ve dug within myself, and I have trust that I know myself well enough to make that statement. I also know from my own personal digging in myself that one of the themes of this life, this incarnation of me, is trust.

I don’t like to let other people take care of things. I’d rather do them myself. To put myself in someone else’s hands is frustrating, because I’m not the one doing the driving. Sometimes, I’m not even sitting it the front seat. At the very least, I like to see where I’m going.

When dealing with the Divine, however, we’re never driving and we’re never sitting in the front seat. We simply don’t have that kind of power. If we choose to interact with the Divine, we have no choice but to trust.

It’s time to be still, to be calm. It’s time to take stock of the transformation and ask myself whose eyes I am using: old me, or new me?

Old me panics and scrambles. New me knows I’m here for a reason. Old me says nevermind that, there must be something we can do today, right now. New me asks if we’d be doing something just to do something or if we’d be doing something worthwhile. Old me freezes and thinks for a moment. In the stillness, she realizes new me is right.

There comes a time in the struggle when you need to be still and listen to what needs to be done, rather than just doing whatever you can think of. It is hard to be still and quiet in the midst of chaos, but it’s the only way to hear yourself think.

When you do, trust that you will think of or find the answer – because you will.


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