Everyday Magic

If you want to achieve something, you have to work at it every single day. Want a new job? You have to apply to new jobs every single day. Want to learn something new? Practice it every single day.

Like so many things in life, it’s simple but not easy. It takes discipline, work, and sacrifice. You could go for a walk, but have you done the tasks you need to do that day yet? It’s easy to distract yourself. I could work on this, oh, but the dishes need to be done. And even when you do what you need to be doing, you have to remember that it won’t all work out overnight. How many of us have decided to diet and exercise to lose weight, only to give up a month in because we’ve done all that work and only lost two pounds? Instead of realizing and celebrating the great start we’ve made, all we can see is the results that aren’t there.

What we need to remember is that every day adds up, and it takes time. If you’ve ever read about the penny doubled every day for a month experiment, then you know that it’s strictly small change until near the very end of the month before the amount begins to increase significantly. By the end of the thirty days, that penny from day one has become over five million dollars. However, if you don’t know that’s the end of the calculation, it’s easy to give up long before the money ever adds up to any significant amount.

Someone can promise a result in 30 days, but if you can’t see it or believe it, you won’t achieve it. It won’t be possible for you, because you won’t believe it is possible for you.

Each day is another chance to step further down the path of your chosen transition. It will add up ever so slowly. It will be frustrating and feel discouraging and disheartening. Do yourself a favor: don’t let it. Don’t give in to despair. Don’t let yourself believe the wonderful result isn’t possible just because it seems like you can’t see it.

Every day actions are cumulative, they add up as you go. Each time you put in the work towards your goal, each time you cheer your little successes and remember that they will add up, you move a little closer to the result, whatever it may be: a new job, a new dress size, healthier eating habits, a promotion.

Every day, move yourself a little closer to the goal. Every day, breathe deeply and remind yourself that the desired result is possible for you and anyone else who dares to be disciplined and put in the work.

Set a schedule, create a calendar, whatever it takes. Work on it each and every day. If you miss a day, stuff happens. Forgive yourself and get back at it the next day.

That’s every day magic.

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