Healer, Heal Thyself

On the one hand, it’s a pain that I’m struggling a bit right now. On the other, it’s a good thing.

Healers need to be able to heal themselves before they can heal others. What I’m struggling with right now is some deep-seated work that I’ve needed to do for a while. Doing it is going to make me an even more effective life coach.

I once had a guide share a story with me that another healer friend of mine heard: “Healers have to go through stuff. It’s on page 3 in the manual.” And while I don’t think there’s a manual, we do have to go through stuff.

Healers are just like everyone else. Sometimes we learn things once. Sometimes we need several lessons. We get frustrated with ourselves sometimes, because we think we should know better. We think we should be better able to handle it.

No. We’re human beings, too.

Because I have an understanding of healing, of what I need to do to stay healthy, when I finally do get sick because I’m not doing those things, it feels like a personality flaw. I know it’s not, but it can feel that way.

The problem is that can lead to self-doubt, which can lead to limiting beliefs, which starts limiting your life. Given my time on this planet, the idea that a lot of life really is all in my head is not necessarily comforting, at least not at first.

The good thing about it being in your head is that you can control what goes on in your head. You can control your own thoughts. I have a good friend and mentor who will tell me, “STOP IT!” when I’m starting to spiral downward. She’s not mean. She doesn’t shout. She doesn’t belittle me. She just issues the command.

It is a sign of my progress that I can hear that command in my head when I need to. And if for some reason, I can’t, that’s when I contact her again. Because even the most talented of us make mistakes. Gandhi, Master of Peace, sometimes got angry. He was a human. Mother Theresa probably got annoyed every now and again. She was human.

Be kind to yourself. Recognize when you’re starting to spiral downward, and stop yourself. Then take a few gentle, slow belly-moving deep breaths and get back to work.

You got this.

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