These are my definitions of some of the terms I use on this site that you may not be familiar with.

Elements: In Paganism, there are four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These, along with Spirit (our souls) are represented by the five points of the Pentacle.

Pagan: One who follows a religion that is not one of the main faiths of the world.

Pentacle: Symbol of modern Paganism. This is a circle around a five-pointed star with one point facing up. The points of the star represent the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) plus Spirit (our souls.) The circle surrounding the star represents unity, harmony, and balance. The star’s points are usually enclosed within the circle. NOTE: This different from an Inverted Pentacle or Inverted Pentagram, which is used by Satanists. In an Inverted Pentacle or Inverted Pentagram, there are two points facing upright.

Solitary Practitioner: One who practices a religion individually, based on what speaks to them, rather than what the established doctrine is. A solitary practitioner of Paganism may use Deities and/or aspects of Wicca and/or any religion you can think of. The upside is that you get to personalize it to fit you specifically. You become your own High Priest/Priestess. A solitary practitioner operates by themselves or with like minded individuals. They don’t belong to an exclusive group.

Step In/Step Out and Come In/Leave: I personally use these terms to describe what happens when I channel an entity. When they step into my body, I step out. When they step out, I step back in. I do not have to step all the way out. We can share my body, although it does feel a bit crowded. When I channel, I am letting someone experience (see/hear/feel/smell/touch) what I am experiencing, or allowing them to speak through me, either by relating their words (if I am still in my body) or allowing them to use my voice (if I step out completely.)

NOTE: This is not possession. I still have control of my body and I can reassert myself at any time. I have the choice to channel or not channel any being at any time. To quote a friend of mine, “I don’t channel crazy.” That’s a personal choice of hers, and it’s one I agree with.

This is also not prophesy, either. This is allowing myself and others to speak to and consult beings who do not exist on this physical plain. For example: I routinely find feathers, and these are sent to me by Archangel Michael. Channeling is a way that I might converse with him or allow another person to do so.